Can You Receive Text In Airplane Mode?

Airplane mode is a handy feature on cell phones that’s meant to comply with FAA regulations by cutting off radio communication. 

This mode typically disables phone calls and text messages, but you might still receive texts if airplane mode is glitchy or if your phone connects to WiFi. 

What’s AirPlane Mode Do?

What’s AirPlane Mode Do?

Turning on Airplane Mode on your device means it won’t connect to cellular networks, so no calls, texts, or data. Also, it prevents roaming fees from popping up. 

Although, you can still use your phone for things like taking photos, playing games, or writing emails without needing a network or internet connection.

Can you Receive Text in Airplane Mode? 

Can you Receive Text in Airplane Mode?

When airplane mode is turned on in an Android device, it shuts off all communication like Wi-Fi, cellular data, and Bluetooth. 

So, if someone sends you a text while your phone is in airplane mode, it won’t come through since there’s no network to receive it. 

The message usually stays in the sender’s outbox until your phone connects to a network again. 

Once it’s out of airplane mode and back online, the text will pop up. 

But some apps like iMessage or WhatsApp might still deliver messages if you were chatting with the sender before and the message was sent via Wi-Fi or data.

How Do You Know If Someone Is On Airplane Mode?

When you turn on airplane mode on your phone, it cuts off all wireless connections like calls, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. 

So, if you try to call or message someone with airplane mode on, they won’t get it until they turn it off. You’ll see a little airplane icon on their screen when it’s on. 

Also, if your phone’s GPS is on, people you’ve allowed can still track your location even if airplane mode is on. To stop this completely, you have to turn off GPS too.

Does Airplane Mode stop Texts from being Delivered?

Text messages, also known as SMS, are sent and received through cellular network signals. When your phone is in airplane mode, it blocks all wireless connections, including cellular signals, meaning text messages can’t get through. 

However, when you turn off airplane mode, your phone will receive any messages sent to it while in airplane mode. 

Alternatively, modern phones offer messaging apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, and Telegram, which use internet connections and can still deliver messages to a phone on airplane mode if it’s connected to Wi-Fi. 

While texts won’t show as “delivered” when your phone is in airplane mode, once you turn off airplane mode and restore connectivity, they’ll be sent and marked as delivered after a short delay, depending on the recipient’s phone and service provider.

How To Receive Text Messages On Airplane Mode?

If you turn on airplane mode, you won’t get text messages. 

But it’s not all lost! Whether you can still get texts depends on how they were sent before airplane mode and if you’re connected to WiFi. 

Let’s dig into how these factors can still let messages sneak through when airplane mode is on.

Via WiFi

When you’re in airplane mode, your phone’s WiFi can still work, allowing you to connect to nearby WiFi networks and send or receive text messages. 

Newer phone models generally support this feature, whereas older ones might not. 

To enable WiFi while in airplane mode, go to your device’s settings, find the WiFi option, and turn it on. Your phone will then search for available WiFi networks to connect to. 

Once connected, you can receive messages without incurring charges. 

However, if you’re receiving calls and texts from non-iPhone users despite being connected to WiFi and having airplane mode on to avoid international fees, it might be a network issue that your carrier, in this case Verizon, needs to address.

Via Intermittent Airplane Mode Connection

If your airplane mode acts up or connects on and off, you might still get text messages. Even with airplane mode on, your phone’s cellular connection can still be active in the background, allowing messages to come through. 

Your phone might indicate airplane mode is on, but behind the scenes, it’s still connected to cellular networks, keeping those messages rolling in. 

This isn’t necessarily a problem with your airplane mode—it could be because of when and how the message was sent or received. 

If a message was sent right after you turned on airplane mode, it might pop up as soon as you switch it off. Similarly, if a message was sent while your phone was off airplane mode, toggling it on could trigger its delivery. So, it’s not always a malfunction—sometimes, it’s just the timing and mode of message transmission.

What Happens when Someone Calls you on Airplane Mode?  

When you turn on Airplane Mode on your phone, it stops connecting to regular cell networks, so any calls you get will go to voicemail. 

But there are apps like Hushed that let you call and text using the internet, so as long as you have Wi-Fi or data, you can still make calls and send messages through these apps. 

Plus, if you use eSIM data from aloSIM with such apps, you won’t even need to wait for Wi-Fi to stay connected.

Does Bluetooth work in Airplane Mode?

You don’t need Wi-Fi or data for Bluetooth to work! 

If your device is on Airplane Mode, just go back to settings and turn on Bluetooth (it’s usually off in Airplane Mode). Then you can use it for your headphones or to track your AirTags. 

Easy peasy!


In conclusion, while airplane mode is primarily designed to cut off radio communication and comply with regulations, it’s not foolproof. 

Yes, you can still receive texts in airplane mode, but it’s usually indicative of a glitch or a WiFi connection. Moreover, intermittent connections or miscommunications can also result in texts sneaking through despite airplane mode being active. 

So, while it’s a useful feature, it’s not entirely infallible, and understanding its quirks can help manage your communications more effectively.

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