DaVinci Resolve Keyboard Shortcuts – You Must Know These Shortcuts

Many people swear by DaVinci Resolve as their go-to software for video editing, and it’s no wonder why. With its intuitive node-based tools, extensive features tailored for filmmakers, and a plethora of keyboard shortcuts, it streamlines the editing process. 

In this tutorial, suitable for users of both DaVinci Resolve 17 and 18 on macOS and Windows, you’ll discover the ultimate guide to mastering these keyboard shortcuts, ensuring a smoother and more efficient editing workflow.

What are DaVinci Resolve keyboard shortcuts?

DaVinci Resolve offers a variety of keyboard shortcuts to streamline video editing tasks. Some common shortcuts include “Ctrl + S” to save projects, “Ctrl + Z” for undo. 

These shortcuts enhance workflow efficiency, allowing users to navigate and edit videos with ease.

DaVinci Resolve Keyboard Shortcuts

In the world of video editing, being efficient is crucial. Mastering keyboard shortcuts is key to unleashing your creativity fully. 

Whether you’re new to editing or a pro, learning these shortcuts can streamline your workflow, boost productivity, and give you the tools to create stunning videos effortlessly. 

In this article, we’ll share some of the most helpful keyboard shortcuts for DaVinci Resolve. 

So, let’s get started!

Most useful DaVinci Resolve keyboard shortcuts


Copy: CTRL/CMD + C

Undo: CTRL/CMD + Z

Redo: CTRL/CMD + Shift + Z

Paste: CTRL/CMD + V

Paste Attributes: ALT /Option + V

Select All: CTRL/CMD + A

Deselect All: CTRL/CMD + Shift + A

Save: CTRL/CMD + S

Save As: CTRL/CMD + Shift + S

New Bin: CTRL/CMD + Shift + N

New Timeline: CTRL/CMD + N

Import Project: CTRL/CMD + I

Export Project: CTRL/CMD + E

Deselect All Tracks: CTRL/CMD + Shift + A

Editing shortcuts

Pointer: A

Trim Mode: T

Dynamic Trim Mode: W

Blade Tool: B

Razor Tool: CTRL/CMD + B

Split Clip: CTRL/CMD + \

Join Clip: Option/Alt + \

Snapping on/off: N

Toggle Slide & Slip Mode: S

Edit point type: U

Select Nearest Edit Point: V

Select clips forward: Y

Delete: Backspace

Insert Edit: F9

Overwrite Edit: F10

Replace Edit: F11

Place On Top Edit: F12

Fit To Fill: Shift + F11

New Timeline: Ctrl/Cmd + N

New Bin: Ctrl/Cmd+Shift + N

Add & Modify New Marker: Ctrl/Cmd + M

Modify Marker: Shift + M

Delete Marker: Alt/Opt + M

Trim Start: Shift + [

Trim End: Shift + ]

Navigation shortcuts

Play (forward): L

Play (reverse): J

Stop: K

Go to the first frame: [;]

Go to the last frame: [‘]

Go to the previous keyframe: [

Go to the next keyframe: ]

Next clip: ↑ (upwards arrow)

Previous clip: ↓ (downwards arrow)

Fast Forward: Shift + L

Fast Reverse: Shift + J

Effects & Nodes shortcuts

Add Transition: CTRL/CMD + T

Add Video Only Transition: Alt/Opt + T

Add Audio Only Transition:Shift + T

Retime Controls: CTRL/CMD + R

Disable/Enable Current Node: Ctrl/Cmd + D

Disable/Enable All Nodes: Alt/Opt + D

Bypass all grades: Shift + D

Previous Node: Shift + Alt + ;

Next Node: Shift + Alt + ’

Reset Grades and Nodes: CTRL /CMD + Home

Views and Displays shortcuts

Zoom to Fit: Shift + Z

Full-Screen Viewer: Shift + F

Cinema Viewer: Ctrl/Cmd + F

Retime Controls: Ctrl/Cmd + R

Loop/Unloop: Ctrl/Cmd + /

Split Screen: CTRL/CMD + Alt/Opt + W

How to Customize Keyboard Shortcuts?

To optimize your editing experience in DaVinci Resolve, tailor your keyboard shortcuts to fit your preferences. Creating personalized shortcuts is simple and quick, allowing you to streamline your workflow. 

Additionally, you can easily switch between preset keyboards like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro, facilitating seamless transitions between applications. To customize your keyboard, navigate to the DaVinci Resolve menu and select Keyboard Customization. 

From there, choose a preset keyboard or create your own by assigning shortcuts to specific functions. Save your customized keyboard with a new name for future use, and revisit it anytime to make adjustments.


In conclusion, mastering DaVinci Resolve’s keyboard shortcuts is fundamental for enhancing your video editing prowess. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned editor, these shortcuts are invaluable for boosting efficiency, productivity, and unleashing your creative potential. 

This comprehensive guide has equipped you with the essential shortcuts to navigate through DaVinci Resolve seamlessly. Now, it’s time to dive in, customize your shortcuts to your liking, and embark on your editing journey with confidence and ease. Happy editing!

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